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Latest Techniques in Physical Therapy in Morgantown, WV

Offering Comprehensive Care at Lakeside Physical Therapy

Are you looking for physical therapy in Morgantown, WV? Lakeside Physical Therapy commits to providing patients with a comprehensive evaluation, innovative treatment, and personal attention to wellness. The goal of the entire staff is to return the patient back to their lives the same or better than when they came in. Lakeside’s staff devotes time to provide high quality treatment to each and every patient who walks through our doors. Call today so we can help you achieve your desired fitness and personal health goals. We strive to meet the physical, emotional, and psychosocial needs of our patients. Lakeside provides all our physical therapy services with the highest professional standards.

Helping Patients Recovery Quickly from Sports and Work Injuries

Here at Lakeside Physical Therapy, we use the latest techniques to move our patients back to their normal activities. When a new patient first comes into our facility, we make them feel like they are our number one priority. Any injury that makes you suffer can take you away from your day-to-day routine, and make life inconvenient. Our team of physical therapists, PTAs, and exercise physiologists expertly gets you better fast after sports and work injuries. Contact us to make an appointment and get back on your feet fast at (304) 594-2500.

Providing Workers’ Compensation Rehabilitation/Work Conditioning

Lakeside Physical Therapy has the tools and expertise to help you recover from an on-the-job injury. Our goal is to get our patients pain free and back to work as soon as possible. Our performance-based method allows the patient to work at their pace while increasing their strength, endurance, and cardio function. We want to get you back to work as soon as possible.

Trust Our Qualified and Trusted Physical Therapy Services

Staying on top of the newest treatments and technology is one of our professional goals. We want to provide our customers with the newest equipment with time-tested techniques to move them back to normal daily activities. Start your therapy quickly and easily at Lakeside Physical Therapy, where we offer exceptional care, a trusted staff, and remarkable outcomes. Contact Lakeside Physical Therapy today to schedule an appointment, or just take a tour of our facilities.

Rely on Us for Sports Injury Therapy in Morgantown, WV

Sports injuries have sidelined athletes for one or more games, a season, and entire careers. Whether you are a school athlete, professional athlete, or a weekend warrior, you can be sidelined. Most athletes, with or without a specific trauma, will have acute or chronic pain from a new or old injury. Our athlete protocols include preventing, evaluating, diagnosing, and treating the injury. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and enjoyable rehabilitation program that returns the athlete to their sport. Visit us for quality, experienced physical therapy in Morgantown, WV.

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