Fitness Center

Helps Achieve Better Health

Lakeside Offers Classes to Improve Your Health

At Lakeside Physical Therapy we offer a state-of-the-art health club with full-service fitness center and workout facility. We want you to enjoy an affordable and convenient approach to health care. Lakeside Physical Therapy offers all the amenities you would expect at the gym down the street. We offer a full schedule of classes at an affordable price all designed to improve your total health. Our facility has a full line of cardio equipment, strength training machines and fully equipped free weights. Lakeside Physical Therapy is not just for rehabilitation. We promote healthy living with preventative measures. Contact us at Lakeside Physical Therapy to sign up for a group class, to become a member or just stop in to take a tour of our facility.

What is Tai Chi? Find Out at Lakeside Physical Therapy

As part of our fitness center at Lakeside Physical Therapy, we are offering classes in Tai Chi. Guest instructors now teach two sessions each year. Tai Chi is a type of martial arts that is known for both its defense techniques and its health benefits. Over the centuries, Tai Chi has become a way of releasing stress and anxiety. Tai Chi has been linked to improving balance, flexibility, and reduction of falls and overall fitness.

Water Aerobics, Not Your Grandmothers Exercise Anymore

Water Aerobics has improved over the last ten years and is now considered one of the fastest- growing resistance training activities in West Virginia. Exercising in water has so many benefits. Buoyancy allows you to perform exercises you may find a lot more difficult to do on land and the resistance it provides makes it easier to tone your muscles. Water also keeps you cooler while exercising so you do not get overheated. Water aerobics has the advantage of providing the cardiovascular workout you would get in the gym while also improving muscle tone and reducing moderate joint pain.