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Lakeside Physical Therapy

is LSVT BIG Certified

What Does it Mean to be LSVT BIG Certified?

Lakeside Physical Therapy in Morgantown, WV, is LSVT BIG certified. What does this mean, exactly? Being LSVT BIG certified allows our physical therapists to treat those with Parkinson’s disease. This treatment helps to train patients to move their bodies properly. Many neurological diseases can affect bodily movement, and LSVT BIG treatments may help in various ways.

If you are struggling with Parkinson’s disease, call (304) 594-2500 to learn more about our different physical therapy services. Our physical therapists and staff will be happy to come up with the right treatment plan for you. We proudly serve Morgantown, WV; Uniontown, WV; and various parts of Maryland.

Treating Parkinson’s Disease for Many Morgantown-Area Patients

LSVT BIG is a great treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease, also called PD. PD can cause shaking and the slowing down of movements. PD eventually slows down motor functions, and patients may struggle to walk, get dressed, and perform regular activities. LSVT BIG is a completely custom treatment that will work on the patient’s specific needs.

Patients may work on various skills and functions, like buttoning clothes, walking, and eating. This treatment allows for those with PD to know when to use “bigger” movements and how to notice social cues to do so. LSVT BIG can essentially reprogram the brain to better quality of life.

Contact Lakeside Physical Therapy for an Appointment

For more information on LSVT BIG, contact Lakeside Physical Therapy in Morgantown, WV. Our staff will be happy to discuss various treatment options with you. Be sure to speak with your physician to learn more about Parkinson’s disease treatments that may work for you.

Lakeside Physical Therapy in Morgantown, WV, is LSVT BIG certified.