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Workers’ Compensation Treatment

in Morgantown, WV

Lakeside Physical Therapy Treats Work-Related Injuries

Lakeside Physical Therapy provides treatment for workers’ compensation and FCEs in Morgantown, WV. Many workers may experience injury while on the job. Falls, slips, broken bones, and pulled muscles are common experiences that employees can face. With these injuries can come a long road to recovery, including physical therapy. Luckily for those in the Morgantown area, Lakeside Physical Therapy is here to help.

Whether you need to strengthen a leg after an injury or regain movement in your arms or neck, call us. Our physical therapists and assistants have the proper training and experience to help you regain independence and return to work. Call today at (304) 594-2500 for an appointment or to refer a patient.

Contact Us for Workers’ Compensation Treatment

Were you recently injured on the job? Contact Lakeside Physical Therapy for more information on workers’ compensation treatment and FCEs. Your physician may refer you to us after filing a claim. Learn more by reaching out today. We proudly serve Morgantown, WV; Uniontown, WV; and parts of Maryland.

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